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Plotting Simplified: Story Structure Tips For the Break-Out Novelist, by Eddie Jones

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Product Description

In Plotting Simplified you'll learn how to map your story using the "passage markers" that shape every story's journey. From introduction and motivation to your Lead's moment of maxim angst, you’ll see how easy it is to develop a story line and keep your characters on the path to a compelling climax.

Learn how to introduce the Great Disturbance, what 4 Questions you should ask of your plot, how to map-out your story, manage your key scenes, the 7 Keys to every good plot, why Worry, Conflict and Disaster spells success for the writer, and how to introduce your Major Dramatic Question.

Been There, "Scene" That: The Top 10 Scene Development Tips Every Writer Needs to Know, by Eddie Jones

Kindle eBook 99 cents

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Product Description

Making a scene is as easy as: ABCD. A good scene reveals information that moves the story forward (new goals, old secrets, hidden motives), shows conflict between characters (adds tension), deepens the character’s development, and creates suspense (introduces a new wrinkle that leaves the reader hanging). Learn the three keys to scene summary, how to create memorable moments in your story, what 4 questions you should ask of each scene.

Learn professional secrets and begin crafting great scenes in just five minutes.

The PAC Method For Writers: How Prayer, Attitude & Confidence Can Lead You To A Successful Writing Career by John Riddle

Kindle eBook 99 cents

NOOK eBook Buy Now 99 cents

Product Description

Great things can happen with your freelance writing career. Your lifelong dream of becoming a successful freelance writer can come true. Walt Disney once said, "If you can dream it, you can do it." Disney never lost sight of his dream to create, and although he was faced with many obstacles, he never gave up. He was once told he “lacked creativity,” but went on to accomplish many great things. As I travel around the country teaching at Writer's Conferences, I meet many wonderful people. Some of those people are filled with the hope that "one day, maybe I will be published." Still others, who have found moderate success, are filled with the hope that "one day, maybe I will sell more of what I write."

How about you? Are you ready to overcome your obstacles and see your freelance writing dreams come true? Well my friend, if you grab the winning formula: Prayer + Attitude + Confidence = Freelance Writing Success; then the sky is the limit!

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Wall Street Journal, APRIL 21, 2011: Titles From Unknown Authors Put New Pressure on Big Publishers (Read the rest of this story)

"Mr.(John) Locke earns 35 cents for every title he sells at 99 cents. Altogether, he says his publishing revenue amounted to $126,000 from Amazon in March alone. It costs him about $1,000 to have his book published digitally, complete with an original dust jacket image. He also hires an editor to work with him at additional expense. In March, he sold 369,000 downloads on Amazon, up from about 75,000 in January and just 1,300 in November. His titles are also sold by digital bookstores operated by Kobo Inc., Barnes & Noble Inc., and Apple. Read the rest of this story.