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Everyone has a story to tell. Our job at Writer's Coach is to help you get yours in print.

Yes YOU CAN make money as a writer. In fact, the opportunities for skilled writers are great. If you are a speaker, consultant or teacher you know the value and prestige that comes with the title of "author." Regardless of your industry or employment status, YOU ARE a subject matter expert in some field. That knowledge and your experience (combined with a book) could lead to your next career change.

Our writing coaching services will give you a sense of power, peace and excitement as you move toward a completed book.

Writer's Coach welcomes Larry Leech, President of Word Weavers, and Rowena Kuo, Acquisitions Editor for Written World Communications to our faculty. Larry and Rowena, along with Eddie Jones, will facilitate our first Virtual Writers' Conference, Wednesday July 13, 6:30 -8:45 PM, EST. The theme of this conference is: STORY STRUCTURE TIPS FOR THE BREAK-OUT NOVELIST

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