Have a Book Idea but Not Sure Where to Start?

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Eddie Jones and Diana Flegal offer individualized coaching to writers at every stage of their journey. Do you need help with your novel or nonfiction project? Do you have a book idea but are not sure where to start?  With a combined 30-plus years of experience in Christian Publishing (agenting, editing, and book publishing ), our team can help you turn your stories, talks, sermons, life lessons, and podcasts into a book.

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  • Do you have a book idea but don't know how to get started?
  • Are rejections keeping you from moving forward?
  • Looking to find new readers for a book that has been out a while?
  • Are you struggling to begin, stuck in the (muddle), can't find your ending?

From the fledgling writer to the accomplished, we all need clarity and help to bring our vision to life. Eddie and Diana are here to help you with customized coaching for your specific need.

“This make so much sense!”

Lori Marett –
screenwriter, author, editor & writing mentor

When I heard that Diana Flegal and Eddie Jones were joining forces, the first thing out of my mouth was “This make so much sense!”

Eddie’s forward-thinking approach to writing, coupled with Diana’s nurturing and encouraging nature, combined with their vast amounts of knowledge and experience in the publishing industry, make them an unbelievable resource for both experienced and fledgling authors.

Diana and Eddie have personally helped me at various points of my career and, equally as important, have remained very dear friends over the decades. In this ever-changing industry, we writers need all the help and support we can get so do NOT pass up the opportunity to work with this dynamic duo! Pow!

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