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Jane Jenkins Herlong

CPAE (Speaker Hall of Fame)

"Eddie is the Yoda of Amazon." - Jane Herlong

His expertise helped me land a major contract with Hachette Books.  I hired Eddie as a consultant and copy editor for my latest book. Because of his help and gift with words, I landed a contract with Baker Publishing Group.  - Jane Herlong

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if you are published, I will review your books' Amazon pages, sales category listings, and several competing titles.

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we will discuss your publishing goals, review your past marketing efforts, establish sales targets, and discuss ways to reach your target audience.

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you will leave with a clear understanding of your target audience and a list of specific milestones for your book project.

About Eddie Jones

Cut through the confusing maze of writing, editing and promoting your book. As an author of middle-grade fiction with Harper Collins, Eddie has the unique ability to help you navigate the world of book publishing. From self-publishing or traditional publishing, to advice on how to acquire an agent and sign with a larger house, Eddie's  years of experience will serve as your guide. As author, publisher and promoter he has the unique ability to guide you step by step through the process of creative writing, publishing, and promoting.

"Over the past fifteen years I have published hundreds of books through KDP and IngramSpark while helping numerous authors achieve their publishing dreams. I once knew the tricks and tips for how to gain traction with  Amazon and online bookstores, but this business changes fast. Now I advise my clients to spend less time chasing algorithms and investing in marketing plans that over-promise and under-deliver.  I use  the same marketing plan Jesus uses: sow good seed, nourish, prune, and trust God for the harvest. If this resonates with your spirit, then I may be able to help. 

"During my time as CEO  of LPC Books I evaluated countless book proposals. I can quickly gauge whether a manuscript has potential for publication and sales. (For a harvest, we must sow good seed.) Let me help you reach your publishing goals and earn more writing income." Eddie Jones

Tom Threadgill
Tom Threadgill


Thanks so much for all your help, faith, and confidence in getting my books going. I truly appreciate it.

Alton Gansky
Alton Gansky

Writer / Speaker / Teacher

"Eddie is always at the top of my list when selecting faculty. He is, at heart, an encourager, something all of us in publishing need." ~ Alton Gansky, former Director of the Blue Ridged Mountains Christian Writers Conference

Tessa Hall
Tessa Hall

Writer / Editor /
Literary Agent

Thanks for giving us all a chance to further our publishing dreams.

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